Miguel Angel D. has suggested that we should create this page to list the typographic mistakes we find in the book so that the author can take it into account in future editions. Just mention the mistake with the page, paragraph and line where it can be found.

Page 7. Second column. First paragraph. Line 2: "... we thought we ought we ought to have".
Page 8. First column. Second paragraph. Line 22: "From about ELVEN o'clock".
Page 9. Second column. First paragraph. Line 3: "That was a messy JOGB".
Page 12. There isn't appear the name of the contributor, in this case, Sam Aldous.
Page 27. First column. Third paragraph. Line 1: "What they did do was to take...".
Page 28. Second column. First paragraph. Line 9: "staffordshire" (it must be in Capital letter "Staffordshire").
Page 43. Second paragraph. Line 4. "her 7 year old child.." (it must be "her 7 years old child..."
Page 61. First column. Fourth paragraph. Line 4: "... plus 2 or minus. 3." should be "... plus 2 or minus 3." (without dot).
Page 68. First column. First paragraph. Line 3: ".silver cigars..." should be "silver cigars..." (without dot).
Page 69: Second column, last paragraph. "Beserk" should be "berserk".

Contributor Marie Maberley appears twice (pages 33 and 69).
Contributor Valeria appears twice (pages 8 and 50).