Introduce the new vocabulary in the corresponding page following the alphabetical order. Please explain the meaning of the words in English.
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Page 2

barley: the grain of a plant, used as food and in making beer. (cebada)
burly: large in bodily size; stout; sturdy.
gear: Team (equipo)
giggling: to laugh in a silly way.
nits: the egg of a parasitic insect, especially of a louse, often attached to a hair or a fiber of clothing.
shattered: to impair or destroy (health, nerves, etc.)
straw: a single stalk or stem, especially of certain species of grain, chiefly wheat, rye, oats, and barley. (paja)
stuff: property, as personal belongings or equipment; things
sworn: to make a solemn declaration or affirmation by some sacred being or object, as a deity or the Bible (past).
worn: to waste or diminish gradually by rubbing, scraping, washing, etc

Page 3

Billet (n): accommodation, especial for a soldier, in civilian lodgins.
Burly (adj): large and thick of build.
Coupon (n): a portion of a ticket, label, or the like, entitling the holder to something.
County: a unit of local government in Great Britain.
Doorstep (n): a very thick sandwich or piece of bread
Filthy: very dirty
Frock (n): a girl's or woman's dress.
Gear (n): personal equipment and accoutrements; belongings.
Headquarters (pl noun): any centre or building from which operations are directed, as in the military, the police, etc.
Heck: this word is used with words beginning with wh-, as who, what, etc., to express mild annoyance or disgust, etc: What the heck do you care?
Jolly (adj): being in good spirits.
Lumps(n and pl.): a small amorphous mass.
Nits (n): the egg of a louse, especially when adhering to human hair.
Oats: a cereal grass grown for its grain.
Petticoat (n): a woman's light undergarment in the form of an underskirt or including a bodice supported by shoulder straps.
Sheaves (n. and pl. of sheaf): A bundle of objects tied together.
Slippery (adj): something wet or smooth that slides easily.
Thresh (v): to separate the grain from the rest of a cop such as wheat using a tool or a machine

Waft (v): to move gently through the air.
Wage: money paid or received for work or services

Page 4

Bailiff (n): officer who keeps order in the court, makes arrests, etc.
Breeches (n): trousers, especially ones coming just below the knee.
Calve (v): to give birth to (a calf).
Cattle (n.): large farm animals, specifically cows and steers, raised for their meat or milk.
Chap (n.): fellow, guy.
Enlightened (adj.): well-informed, tolerant of alternative opinions, and guided for rational thought.
To hoe (v.): to use a hoe (a tool with a long handle and a metal point at the end, that is used to break hard soil,).
Piglet (n): a baby pig.
Ridge (n): a long, narrow elevation of land.

Page 5

Swill (n): wet feet, esp for pigs, consisting of kitchen waste, skimmed milk, etc
To hoe (v): to dig, scrape, weed
Breeks (n): (scottish) trousers.
To drag (v): to pull or be pulled with force, esp along the ground or other surface.
To drill (v): to pierce or bore a hole in something.
To harrow (v): to draw a harrow over land.
Harrow (n): an agricultural implement with spike like teeth or upright disks, drawn chiefly over plowed land to level it, break up clods, root up weeds, etc

Page 6

appal (v): to fill with horror, shock or dismay.
Bugger: Informal. (used to express affection, or to show anger or contempt) a fellow or lad: He´s a cute little bugger.
cope with (v): to deal successfully with or handle a situation; manage.
call up (v): to summon to report for active military service, as in time of war.
gadges(n): devices. (aparatos)
pitch-black (adj): extremely dark.
quagmire (n): an area of soft wet ground.
Rig (v): to put in proper order for working or use.
round up (v): to gather animals together.
Spur (n): anything that impels or urges, as to action, speedr, or achievement.
Teat (n): (in cows, etc) any of the projections from the udder through which milk is discharge.
thump (n): a blow with a heavy object; producing a dull sound.
trample (v): to stamp or walk roughly (on).
wellington (n): military leather boots covering the front of the knee but cut away at the back to allow easier bending of the knee.

Page 7

Dratted (adj): damned.
Fellow (adj): someone who has the same interests as you.
Spinster (n): a woman who is not married.
Wrench (v): to pull and twist something suddenly or violently away from a fixed position.

Page 8

Bloke (n): man.
Braid (n): plait, a hair style formed by interweaving three or more strands of hair.
Burrow (n): shelter or refuge.
Celery (n): apium, a plant.
Chivalrous (adj): gallant, considerate and courteous to women.
Crawl (v): to move with the head or face downward and the body close to the ground or on the hands and knees.
Fetch (v): To go and bring back.
Foreman (n): supervisor.
Hedge (n): a row of bushes or small trees forming a fence or boundary.
Maim, to (vtr): mutilate, disable a part of the body.
Pluck out, to (v): take out, pull out.
Voucher (n): coupon, token.

Page 9

Axe (n): a hand tool with one side of its head forged and sharpened to a cutting edge, used for felling trees, splitting timber, etc.
Clerk (n): a worker.
Dungarees (n): a piece of clothing consisting of trousers and a square piece of cloth that fits over your chest.
Exempt (adj): released from an obligation, rule or duty.
Hut (n): a small house or shelter, usually made of wood or metal.
knelt (v): to go down or rest on the knees or a knee.
logs: tree( arboles maderables).
Nab (v): arrest.
pit: shalf. (pozo)
Sawmill (n): a building in which wood is sawed into planks by machinery.
Tackle (n): equipment for fishing.
Gen sb. up (on sth) (v): to learn all that you can about a particular subject.

Page 10

Elm (n): a shade tree having gradually spreading columns of branches.
Grim (adj): stern.
Supper (n): the last main meal of the day, usually an informal meal that you eat at home.
Welfare (n): health.

Page 11

Snooty (adj): someone who thinks he is better than other people an behaves rudely towards them.

Page 12

Parlourmaid (n): a woman servant in a large house in ther past whose job included serving meals.
Lumber (v): to give someone a job or responsability that they do not want.

Page 13

Cripple (v): to damage somebody´s body.
Coarse (adj): lacking in delicacy of texture.
To plot (v): to plan secretly/ to mark on a plan, chart, or graph.

Page 14

Blackout (n): Militarythe turning off or covering over of all visible lights, usually as a precaution against air raids.
Blind (v) : to deprive of sight permanently or temporarily.
Gasp (v): to draw in the breath sharply, convulsively, or with effort, esp in expressing awe, horror, etc
Nissen hut : a military shelter of semicircular cross section, made of corrugated steel sheet.
Snobbish (adj): behaving in a way that shows you think you are better than other people.
Stove (n): an apparatus that furnishes heat for warmth or cooking.
Tearful (adj): about to cry.
Intake (n): the number of people accepted by an institution such as a school, university, or company at one time.
Nissen hut (n): a small building made of steel, originally used as a shelter during the First World War.
Stove (n): a machine or a piece of equipment taht provides heat for cooking or heating a room.

Page 15
Abide by (phr.v): obey:
Asset (n): a useful and desirable thing or quality.
Bewilderment (n): confusion.
Bootlace (n): cord for tying up a boot.
Drill (v): to instruct and exercise (military trainees) in marching, etc.
Gas goggles (n): gas glasses.
Plonk (n): inferior or cheap wine.
Shilling (n): a coin and former monetary unit of the United Kingdom, the 20th part of a pound, equal to 12 pence.
Stripe (n): a band of cloth on a uniform showing the rank of the person wearing it.

Page 16
Fair (adj): correctly or properly done according to the rules.
Raid (n): a sudden assault, attack, or other act of entering.
Shaking (v): to move or cause to move up and down or back and forth with short quick movements; vibrating.
Plug in (phr.v): to connect.

Page 17

Aircraft (n): plane.
Algiers (n): capital city of Algeria.
Birds of a feather stick together (idiom): people with interest, opinions in common.
Debris (n): the remains, ruins, trash.
Hard up: (adj): without money.

Page 18

clipped (v): to cut
Demobbed (v): short for demobilize
Glider (n): an aircraft without the use of an engine.
Grim (adj): sad
Innoculation (n): the introduction of a serum,avaccine, or an antigenic substance into the body.

Page 19

Billet (n): lodging for a soldier.
Blitz (n): vigorous military attack.
Clerical (adj): office.
Hammer toes : is a deformity of the toes.
Hut (n): a small and simple shelter.
knack (n): a special skill, talent, or ability.
Oast house: building containing such kilns, usually having a conical or pyramidal root.
Put down (phr.v): disparage.
Roof (n): upper covering of a building
Square-bashing (n): instructions.
Sheer (n): a thin, nearly transparent fabric or garmen.

Page 20

Undies (n): women´s or children´s underwear.
Frocke (n): a loose outer garment worn by peasants and workers.
Hose (n): an article of clothing for the foot and lower part of the leg, stocking or sock.
Damsel (literary noun): a young woman or girl, a maiden, originally one of gentle or noble birth.
To kit out (v): to outfit or equip. It´s an idiom.

Page 21

Surplus (adj): being in excess of what ir required.
Cuff (n): the part of a sleeve nearest the hand.
Sewing (n): a piece of cloth that is sewn or to be sewn.
To sew (v): to work with a needle and thread.
To soak (v): to make, become, or be thoroughly wet or saturated, esp by inmersion in a liquid.
Ribbon (n): a narrow strip of fine material, esp silk, used for trimming, tying, etc.
Awkard (adj): ungainly or inelegant in movements or posture.

Page 22
Copper (n): a metal element having a reddish brown colour, used as an electrical conductor and to make alloys, as brass and bronze.
Dock (n): a landing pier.
Fella (n): man.
Gruesome (adj): causing horror and disgust.
Fortnight (n): a period of two weeks.

Page 23

Apprenticeship (n): someone who works for a skilled or qualified person in order to learn a trade or profession, esp for a recognized period.
Creche (n): a place where children are cared during the day.
Garment (n): any article of clothing.
Kapok (n): the silky down material that covers the sedes of a tropical tree, and is used for stuffing life jackets, etc, and for insulation.
Swivel (v): to turn or swing on or as if on a pivot.

Page 24

Shortage (n): a deficiency or lack in the amount needed, expected, or due; deficit.

Page 25
Allowance (n) - an amount or share set aside for a purpose.
Blackout - a period during a war when lights in streets and buildings are turned off so that an enemy cannot see them at night.
Enquiry (n): a request for information.
Hum (v): to make a continuous low sound
Jocular (a) - funny.
Shelter (n) - a place where people are protected from weather or danger.
Spotless (adj): free from stains.
Union (n) - organization for workers.

Page 26
Allowance (n) - an amount of money that someone receives regularly in order to pay for the things they need.
Board up (v) - to cover a window or door witn wooden boards.
Chanderlier (n) - a large light that hangs from a ceiling and has brances for holding electric lights or candles.
Doodlebugs (n) - a flying bomb used by the Germans for attacking Britain in the Second World War.
Dreary (adj) - making you feel bored or unhappy.
Loathe (v) - to dislike someone or something very much (=hate).
Luscious food - food that looks, smells and tastes especially good.
Procurement (n) - the process of buying supplies or equipment for a government department company.
Stationery (n) - pens, paper, envelopes, pencils and other things used for writing.
Trot (v) - to walk with short quick steps.

Page 27

Fizzle out (v) - To gradually fail, become less enthusiastir, or disappear, especially after starting successfully.
Fleet (n): a unit of naval ships grouped under one commander.
Ledger (n) - A book that contains the financial redords of a business.
Reckon (v): to consider or have the opion that something is as stated.
Shilling (n): a coin and former monetary unit of the United Kingdom.

Shorthand (n) - a quick way of writing that uses symbols to represent letters, words or phrases, used especially when you write what someone is saying as they are talking.
Whim (n) - A sudden feeling that you must have or must do.

Page 28

Bureaux (n) - Prural of Bureau (an organization that provides information or services).
Collate (v) - To arrange information that you have collected in a sensible order.
Foundry (n) - A factory where metal or glass is heated and made into different objects.
Leaflet (n) - A printed sheet of paper, usually folded, that is provided free and gives information about something.
Ordnance (n) - Military supplies, especially weapons, missiles, and bombs.

Page 29

Fussy (adj): not easily satisfied or having high standars about particular things.
Shove (v): to give a thrust or push to (a person or thing.

Page 30

Foundry (n): an establishment for casting metal.
Hanky (n): a hankerchief
Officious (adj): interfering
Shovel (n):a tool with a broad flat blade and typically upturned sides, used for moving coal, earth, snow or other material.
tackle (v):make determined efforts to deal with (a problem or difficult task).

Page 31

Aircraft (n): any machine thar can fly
Dock (n): mooring area.
Dread (v): feel daunted by.

Page 32

A few bob (informal) - a fairly large amount of money.
Brewery (n) - A company that makes beer.
Chop (v) - To cut something such as food or wood into pieces.
Daft (adj) - silly and not sensible or reasonable (informal).
Dray (n) - A type of cart pulled by a horse and used in the past for carrying barrels of beer.
Roly-poly (adj): pump.

Page 33

Daring (adj): brave.
Grotty (adj): unpleasant, nasty or unattractive.

Page 34

cheeky (adj): slightly rude in a funny way.
Drilling (n): act.
Ringleader (n) - A leader of a group of people who are doing something illegal or wrong.

Page 35

Almighty (adj): having unlimited power.
Gown shop - It's a dress-shopping.

Page 36

Crush (n): a strong but temporaly feeling of liking someone.
Pigeon (n): a bird having a plump body and small head.
Plank (n) - A long narrow piece of wood used for making structures such as floors.
Rim (adj): edge.
Slacks (n): trousers for iformal or casual wear.
Serge (n) - A strong thick cloth made from wool.
Tiny (adj) - Extremely small.

Page 37

Caretaker (n) - Someone whose job is to look after a large building.
Charming (adj): likeable.
Constable (n) - A police officer of the lowest rank.
Foresight (n) - The good judgment to think and plan before an event, so that you are prepared for whatever may happen.

Page 38

Dash (v): to go somewhere quickly.

Page 39

Assure (v): to make (a future event) sure; guarantee.
Cabby (n) - A taxi driver.
Cart (n): a two-wheeled vehicle pulled by horses, oxen, etc., and used to carry goods, for farming, etc.
Duty (n): something that one is expected to do by obligation.
Fever (n): an abnormally high body temperature.
Fussy (adj): not easily satisfied.
Heath (n) - A wide area of wild land where only rough grass and bushes grow.
Hectic (adj): full of excitement.
Overwrought (adj): extremely.
Raid (n): a sudden assault, attack, or other act of entering.
Reside (v): to live.
Rubble (n): broken bits and pieces of anything, esp. something demolished.
Slab (n): a broad.
Undertaker (n): a person whose profession is the preparation of the dead for burial or cremation and the management of funerals; funeral director.

Page 40

Blanket (n): A large rectangular piece of soft fabric, used as a bed covering.
Broke out (v): to begin suddenly; arise.
Call up (v): to summon to report for active military service, as in time of war
Coward (n) - Someone who is not brave enough to fight.
Fizzle out (v): to fail or die out, esp after a promising start.
Fellow (n): a man.
Gutter (n) - The edge of the road, where water flows away.
Heavies (Adj): Of great weight; hard to lift or carry.
Labels (n): A word or phrase indicating that what follows belongs in a particular category or classification.
Ledge (n): A narrow, flat, shelflike part sticking out from a wall, cliff, or other upright structure.
Meantime (n): the time between two events.
Rush over (v): approach in a hurry.
Scarves (n): A plural of scarf. A rectangular, triangular, or long narrow piece of cloth worn around the head, neck, or shoulders for warmth or decoration.
Shake (v): to (cause to) move with short, quick movements.
Spare time (n): Leisure hours.
Stretcher (n): A framework of a piece of canvas and two long poles on the side, used to carry a sick or dead person.
Warden (n): A person whose job is the care and custody of something; keeper.
Zealous (adj) - Full of great energy, effort and enthusiasm.

Page 41

Boyish (adj): looks like a boy.
Chap (n): Guy, fellow, man or boy.
Corduroy (n): A cotton fabric with raised ridges like cords running lengthwise on the Surface.
Fireside (n): Repeating schedule of assigned tasks.
Helmet (n): Head: armour.
Hilarious (adj): extremely funny
Hose (n): A flexible tube for conveying a liquid, as water, to a desired point. (fire-fighter's).
Rota (n): A register of names showing the order in which people take their turn to perform certain duties.
Repeating schedule of assigned tasks.
Stirrup pump.jpg
A Stirrup pump

Slack (n): Trousers.
Spam (n): A canned food product consisting especially of pork formed into a solid block. Canned ham.
Split, to (v): To divide or separate.
Stirrup pump (n): A small hand pump held steady by a stirrup like foot bracket,often used in fire fighting.
Zipped (adj): Fastening: uses a zipper.

Page 42

Bemused (adj) - Confused, bewildered, puzzled.
Blitz (n): a sudden, swift and overwhelming military attack.
Coffin (n): The box in which the body of a dead person is buried casket.
Infirm (adj) - Weak because old age or illness.
Peace Pledge Union: The Peace Pledge Union is the oldest secular pacifist organisation in Britain. Since 1934 it has been campaigning for a warless world.
Purely (adv): Completely, absolutely.
Rehousing (v) - To provide a new house for someone when their own house has been destroyed.
Washer-upper (n): One who does the washing up.
Welfare: help given especially by the state or an organization to people who need it.

Page 43

Amazement (n): extreme surprise.
Arches (n, pl) - A curved structure, especially one that supports a building or a bridge.
Cadet (n): military trainee.
Dreary (adj): gloomy, task.
Farewell (n): An expression of good wishes at parting.
Freer (adj): Enjoying personal rights or liberty.
Guild (n): An organization of persons with related interests, goals, or jobs, etc., esp. one formed for mutual aid or protection.
Headquarters (n): A center of operations, as of a military commander or a business.
Infirm (adj): Feeble or weak because of age.
Patch up, to (v): To repair or restore,especially in a hasty or makeshift way.
Render (v): Provide.
Requisition (n): The act of requiring or demanding something.
Shelters (n): A building serving as a temporary place to live, as for the homeless or unwanted animals.
Stuck (adj): Unable to move.
Utter (v): To emit or give out (cries, notes, etc.) with the voice.

Page 44

ARP Armband

A.R.P: ARP armband as worn by Air Raid Precautions volunteers.
Blackout (n): The turning off or covering over of all visible lights, usually as a precaution against air raids.
Couch (n): A long piece of furniture for seating, typically having a back and an armrest.
Duck (v): to (cause to) bend suddenly, esp. in order to avoid something.
Headquarters (n): A center of operations, as of a military commander or a business.
Leggings (n): An extra outer covering for the lower legs.
To be on duty (v): to be on call.
Rattle (n): an object full with small pellets that sound when shaken.
Warden (n): public official responsible for the for the enforcement of certain regulations.
Whistle (n): It is use to make a high, clear sound by forcing the breath through stretched lips or through the teeth.

Page 45

Detour (n) - A way of going from one place to another that is not the shortest or usual way.
foxtrotting (v): to dance foxtrot, a ballroom dance.
Kin (n): relatives.
Nuisance (n): one that is unpleasant, inconvenient, or annoying.
Shrapnel (n): fragments from any other shell.
Stuffy (adj): uncomfortable.
Trams (n): Passenger car on cable railway.
waltzing(V): to dance a waltz.

Page 46

Amused (adj): Funny.
Bake up (v): cook by dry heat.
Brawn (n): Strong, well-developed muscles.
Bundle (n): a number of things that have been fastened.
Commandeer (v): To seize (private property) for military or other public use.
Donor (n) - Someome who gives blood.
Encourage (v) to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence to do something.
Hedge (n): Row of dense shrubs.
Influx (n): the fact of a large number of people arriving at the same time.
Kidneys(n): one of a pair of organs in the rear of the upper abdomen that filter waste from the blood, produce uric acid or urea, and maintain water balance in the body.
Marshal sb (v):guide, usher.
Offal (n): Waste parts that cannot be eaten of an animal killed for food.
Plentiful (adj): ample.
Scrap (n): A small piece or portion; fragment.

Shelter (n): Something that provides cover or protection, as from weather or danger; place of refuge.

Thoroughly (adj): Done or accomplished without forgetting anything.

Trimmed (v): To remove (something unnecessary) by or as if by cutting.
Troop (n): a group of persons or things; a band of people.
wick (n): a cord or band of loosely twisted or woven fibres, as in a candle that supplies fuel to a flame.

Page 47

Blackout: extinguishing of artificial light
Bunting (n): patriotic and brightly colored decorations made from cloth or paper, usually in the form of draperies, wide streamers, etc.
Bury(v): to put in the ground or a vault.
Bonfire (n): A large fire built in the open air.

Corned (Adj): (esp of beef) cooked and then preserved or pickled in salt or brine, now often canned.
Demob (v): to discharge (a person) from the armed forces.

Lit up (adj): full of light
Mash (v): to change (something) into a soft pulpy mass by beating.
Peel (v): to remove skin from: fruit, etc.
Queue (n): file
Tempt (V): to attract (someone) to do something, esp. something unwise, wrong, or inmoral.
to be demobbed (v): to be released from the armed forces

Page 48

Blanket (n): A large rectangular piece of soft fabric, used as a bed covering.
Dreadful (adj): Causing great dread, fear, or terror.
Fech Sb (v): To go and get, collect.
Gentry (n) - People from a high social class. Wellborn and well-bred people, as of an aristocracy.
Huddle (v) - Close together in order to stay wam or feel safe.
Knit (v): To make (a garment, fabric, etc.) by joining or interlocking loops of yarn by hand with knitting needles or by machine.
Nude (adj): Being without clothing or covering; naked; bare.
Ransack (v) - To go through a place stealing or damaging things. To search thoroughly and vigorously through.
Roof (n): The outside, upper covering of a building.
Shelter (n): A building serving as a temporary place to live, as for the homeless or unwanted animals.

Page 49

Jaw (v): to talk idly; chat; gossip.
Kipper (n) - A type of fish that has been preserved in salt and smoke.
Struggle (v): to make great efforts.

Page 50

Billet (v): provide lodging for a soldier.
Smog (n): a mixture of smoke and gases especially in cities that makes the atmosphere difficult to breathe.
Thatched (adj): Cottage: with straw roofing.
Overjoyed (adj): Delighted; excessively happy.

Page 51

Eerie (adj) - Strange and mysterious, and sometimes frightening.
Likewise (adv): in the same way.
Maindenhead (n): the hymen; a fold of mucous membrance partly closing the external orifice of the vagina in a virgin.

Page 52

gauge(n): a piece of equipment that measures the amount of something
Lathe (n) - A machine that holds a piece of wood and makes it move round so that you can cut and shape it evenly.
Union (n): an organization that represents the workers in a particular industry
Vice (n) - A bad habit.

Page 53

Cantankerous (adj) - Always complaining or arguing and easily annoyed.
Lousy (adj) - Bad or unpleasant.
Neglected (adj): not receiving enough care or attention.

Page 54

Cockpit (n) - The part of a plane where the pilot sits.
Conscript (v) - To make someone join the armed forces.
Eyelet (n) - A small hole in cloth surrounded by a metal ring, for putting a string or rope through.
Hood (n): the Hood was a legendary battle cruiser which was sunk during the "Battle of the Denmark Strait" of 24 May 1941 with a German formation composed of the battleship Bismarck and heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen.
Splice (v) - To connect the ends of two things, for example pieces of rope, so that they form one piece.
Wicked (adj) - Morally wrong and deliberately intending to hurt people.

Page 55

Court (to): to date romantically, to seek another's love.
Fussy (adj): hard to satisfy or please.
Parsnips (n): the root of a plant, cultivated varieties of which have a large, whitish,edible root.
Swear, to (v): to use obscene words or use profane oaths or language.
Tin (n) - a metal container with a lid, used for storing things.

Page 56

Bearing (n): the manner in which one behaves or carries oneself
Crank (n): any of several types of arms for imparting rotary or oscillatory motion to a rotating shaft.
Gasket (n) - a flat ring of rubber, metal or plastic that you put between two surfaces in a pipe or machine so that liquid or gas cannot escape.
Locker (n): a chest, drawer, compartment, closet,or the like,that may be locked.
Strip, to (v): to dismantle, deprive of equipment.
Varicose (adj): pertaining to or affected with varices, which often affect the superficial portions of the lower limbs.

Page 57

Dip, to (v): to plunge temporarily into a liquid, so as to take up some of the liquid.
Dungarees (n): work clothes, overalls of blue denim.

Page 58

Clog (n) - A shoe with a wooden sole.
Dungarees (n): work clothes, overalls.
Exhaust (n): the escape of steam or gases from the cylinder of an engine.
Rev up, to (v): to accelerates harply the speed of an engine.

Page 59
Grievance (n): a strong feeling that you have been treated unfairly.
Hangar (n): a shed o shelter for housing aircraft
Outshine (v): to be more successful than someone.

Page 60
Nimble (adj): quick in movement or thoughts.

Page 61

Appalling (adj): very bad.
Bolshy (adj): a person who often argues.
Corrugated (adj): bent into folds and ridges.

Page 64

cloakroom (n): it is a place to put your staff, clothes... (guardaropa)
lyddite(n): an explosive consisting chiefly of fused picric acid.
like the dickens: a lot
Fortnight (n): fourteen days and nights, two weeks.
Cloakroom (n): a room to left clothes, hats, umbrellas and many things you wear, such us jewellery.

Page 66

Bed-ridden (adj):confined to bed by sickness or old age.
Embroider (v):decorate (cloth) by sewing patterns on it with thread.
Haul up(v): load up (cargar para arriba)
Petty (adj.): small, not important.

Page 67

Farthing (n): a former British coin equal 1/4th of a penny
To quieten me down: to make me quiet, to make me to shut up.

Page 68

Plimsolls (n): a canvas shoe with a rubber sole, a sneaker.
Mobcap (n): a soft cloth cap with a full crown, fitting down over the ears, formerly worn indoors by women.
varicose venis (n): varices

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Berserk (adj): violently or destructively frenzied, wild, crazed.
Icing (n): a sweet food used to cover or fill cakes.

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Beholden (adj): feeling you have a duty to someone because they have done something for you.
Cartridge (n): also called "cartouche", a cilindrical case of pasteboard or metal, for holding a complete charge of powder, and also the bullet or the shot for a rifle, machine gun or other small arm.
Crane (n): a device for lifting and moving heavy weights in suspension.
Shed (n): barn, penthouse, a large, strongly built structure, often open at the sides or end.

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Ordnance (n): cannon or artillery, military weapons with their equipment, ammunition, etc.
Hectic (adj): characterized by intense agitation, excitement, confused and rapid movement.
Nimble (adj): agile, active, moving with ease, quick and light in movement.
Cordite (n): a slow-burning explosive powder that looks like cord.