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  • On the left, there is a poster. The British Government wanted women to get more
involved in the production of food and do their bit to support the war effort.

  • On the right, there is a picture of "The Land Girls". They are working in
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As we can read, the Government encouraged women to work to help them win the World War.


The underground stations were used like public shelters. On the other hand, each family could build their own shelters
in their gardens, following the instructions of the Minister Anderson.

St Paul's Cathedral, the symbol of London during the air raids, representing sentiments of hope and encouragement.

The German Air Force decided to drop their bombs according to a German tourist Guide, Baedeker Great Britain. Those points marked as most representative in England were the main targets.


Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/topics/radar
Many members of the WAAF worked in the radar control systems as reporters and plotters. Radar was deployed as part of an early warning system.
In the photo there is a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) tracking aircraft via radar.


Rank and badges (1943).
Link: http://www.thortrains.net/downloads/Rank-and-Badges1943.pdf


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Poster glamorizing the lot of land girls and encouraging more young women to volunteer

World War 2: Two women hoisting a propeller for an Empire machine at British Overseas Airways. March 1942.


World War 2: British fighter aircraft are being produced in increasing numbers. Here are Spitfires in production, in a factory where women play an important role and are employed in nearly all branches of construction. April 3, 1941.


Women feed the charcoal kilns used for purifying sugar at a refinery in Scotland, circa 1916. Photograph: IWM/Getty Images