Pam Schweitzer

Pam Schweitzer is a writer, theatre director, trainer and lecturer. Following many years teaching and writing about Theatre in Education and Educational Drama, she became fascinated by Reminiscence and Oral History.

In 1983, she founded Age Exchange Theatre Trust and was its Artistic Director until 2005.

She has devoted the last 30 years to recording and preserving for posterity the memories of older people on key themes in the social history of the 20th century. From these recordings, she has created and directed 30 professional theatre productions, which have toured nationally and internationally.

To accompany these shows, Pam Schweitzer has co-ordinated professionally designed 3-dimensional exhibitions and produced books of edited reminiscences and photos collected during the research periods.

Pam opened the world’s first Reminiscence Centre in London in 1987, as a focus for professional training in reminiscence, a meeting place for people of all generations and cultures to participate in reminiscence projects.


She has subsequently supported the establishment of other Reminiscence Centres both in the UK and in other European countries.

In 1993, Pam founded the **European Reminiscence Network** with partners in 16 European countries.

As Co-ordinator, she has organised several international conferences, seminars and festivals of shared work in the fields of reminiscencetheatre, intercultural reminiscence work and reminiscence in dementia care.


Also in 1993, Pam founded the **Good Companions** older people’s theatre company and was its Artistic Director until she and the group retired in 2005 after producing 10 original productions, which played across the UK and Europe. She has since helped to set up older people’s theatre groups for ethnic elders from the Caribbean, Africa, China and India, promoting and co-ordinating their work in local national and international festivals.


Pam Schweitzer has published widely on her work, contributed chapters to **books** on theatre and reminiscence, and written her own books and manuals on working creatively with older people.

With every Age Exchange reminiscence theatre production over the last twenty years, Pam Schweitzer has edited and published a matching book containing edited reminiscences and related photographs and documentary material. Here are some of the titles. Others are on the Age Exchange website at ****.

RYCT - a long running project

Since 1997, Pam has been actively involved with the European Reminiscence Network developing a reminiscence project in which families who are caring for a relative with dementia at home can participate in a series of reminiscence sessions with professional and volunteer support.
The purpose of these sessions is to engage people with dementia and their family carers together in remembering, sharing and recording their long lives.

Visit the RYCT project website:

In 2000 Pam was awarded the MBE for services to Reminiscence.
Pam Schweitzer is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Humanities Department of Greenwich University.

Pam Schweitzer received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the 5th National Dementia Care Awards

The awards ceremony was held on November 11th 2014 at the 2014 UK Dementia Congress at the Hilton Hotel Metropole in Brighton.

The Judges said: "Pam was chosen because of her passion for creating fun and re-igniting love and a sense of cohesiveness for couples and individuals living with dementia. Pam has been an inspirational leader through her internationally recognised reminiscence networks, publications, training & resources."